24 hours of worship

This last weekend we participated in a 24-hour worship session from 8 pm Friday to 8 pm Saturday. It was Pentecost weekend here in Hungary and a few of our friends had the vision to host and create an event that focused solely on worshiping Christ.

They invited Marcsi and me to participate in the planning along with a few other couples and families. Our small group met twice a week for 2 months. One was a planning meeting and the other was a night where we would gather and have a night of worship and prayer. 

This was a struggle for me after a long day of work, going to a dimly lit home (it was very hygge), and participating in prayers and worship in Hungarian. I struggled to stay awake as I am at the stage in my language understanding that I actively try to understand what is being said. But this is incredibly draining as anyone who has learned a new language can understand.

Marcsi and I volunteered for a few jobs during the event. One was to lead the first 6 hours of the service in direction and to ensure that the next band to play was ready. This played into my secondary role as the stage manager. I was unable to find someone who could help me with this task so I ended up doing this for the full 24-hour period. Sneaking a few short naps during the worship sets.

Marcsi ended up playing 4 worship sets with a few bands during the night and would also pray for anyone who needed this. I played 2 of these sets with our music ministry Shachah Zene which we have been serving with for a few years.

The worship sets went from one to the other seamlessly and the presence of God was evident from the start. It is impossible to fully encapsulate with words how gently, and powerfully the Lord moved this during this time.

God blessed all those who sacrificed for this event. The majority of us who were able to serve for the full 24+ hours including setup and teardown were able to recover our sleep within a day and be back to work on Tuesday!

I would encourage anyone who feels led to serve at an event such as this, to do so with all your heart and God will bless you in ways that are not comprehendable by our minds.

Thank you to all those who supported us in prayer for this event!