Balance on new terrain

When life seems to be moving in an upward turn, you tend to become comfortable with the way things are working. Sometimes however, the rug you are standing firmly on is all of a sudden ripped out from under your feet. You are left trying to regain your balance on the new terrain that is, unfortunately, a familiar feeling.
This year, I know I am not alone in this situation, as the world was in a rolling spin that has just now begun to balance out and return to normal.

But what we always need to do, is trust that God has a plan. Though these plans are usually born from what we see as a tragedy, the outcome is always to our benefit!

While I am still in the midst of this tragedy, it has just begun. I will look toward God and his plan. As two years ago, when this very thing happened, God lead me to a place where I was able to thrive and be a light in the darkness!