Church in America vs Church in Hungary

This question continues to be presented to me even after 3.5 years of living in Hungary.

Many pastors and Christians have this wonder in their minds.

I have had the unique opportunity to see not just the church in the US and here in Hungary, but in several other countries as well!

I have been able to take part in services in Japan, South Africa, Germany, England, Spain, Mexico, Belize, Canada, Denmark… so many places it is hard to recall!

And when I was recently asked this question, I tried to give it some thought. 

As when this is usually queried, it is in a passing conversation. But this was a pointed question and the answer needed to be well presented. 

I pondered a few moments to think about how the church is compared in these two countries.

My reply was that the church at its core is the same in America versus Hungary.

While there are large differences from the surface such as, well the language used to sing and teach, music styles, lighting, sound, buildings, etc.

I realised that when people are gathering in one place. 

Whether that be in a cinema, a backyard, a church built in the 1200s, or a stadium, there is one thing a healthy church has in common with all other healthy churches. This is that we are gathered together to worship the same God, and spend time in the presence of the one who created us.

There are a lot of differences that can seem to pit one church against another in the theological realm.

But if we as the church can remember one thing, it should be this.

Jesus came and died on the cross to save us from the sin of our hearts, minds, and bodies. 

He was raised from the dead conquering death and sin.

In this, we can worship our Lord with freedom and grace!

I still feel I don’t have a full answer to the question I am asked. 

This is a complicated question as America has 50+ different cultures inside its borders, and no church is the same. 

But, if we are a healthy church, we stand on the same rock that is Jesus Christ!