Day 51 of war

It is day 51 of war in Ukraine and since this started there have been over 400,000 refugees who have made their way into Hungary.
This is only part of the number of people who have made their way across the border. Many people living in Ukraine who have crossed the border are not counted as refugees due to their Hungarian citizenship.

The area across the border used to belong to Hungary many years ago and as result, the Hungarian government granted citizenship to those whose heritage is native Hungarian.

This fact only made it easier for them to cross into Hungary with the papers. These people still had to leave their homes and flee the warzone to a country that is not their own. Many of us here in Hungary can forget that these people are in need as well.

Today, as I was in the main square in front of the train station where many refugees are arriving. (One which I have written about previously.) I continue to see yellow tents set up with loads of supplies that are being provided to the refugees as they pass through.
This war is not over, and the surge of people coming in is not slowing down but is instead, increasing by the day. Each day we are receiving reports of 7,000 -10,000 refugees entering Hungary per day. As the crisis keeps on going, the need for people to volunteer and provide funds to buy basic items increases.

The government has set up a place where the refugees are taken as they arrive by train. Here they can get sorted and are provided an area to decompress from their journey. This has taken them out of the public eye rapidly and we can start to feel that life returns to normal and are less likely to feel that the need remains. This, in fact, increases the need, as fewer “passers-by” can interact with them.

Please continue to pray for those who are still in need and still traveling through our countries to find refuge within a neighboring country’s walls. The demand is great and the call is now. Pray for those who can spend their time, day after day, with these people. Pray for strength and health. For overflowing compassion and love. Most of all, so we can share the love of Christ with each and every person that we are in contact with, if only for a moment.