Faith Without Boarders

There is something about words being spoken out and over someone’s life. Both positive and negative. But there’s another part to that and that is the receiver of those words. Before I went on the World Race in 2020 my amazing parents threw me a surprise going away party. Everyone that came had and still has a major impact in my life. One well two things that stood out to me at this party was in my book that people wrote in there was a trend of words. Faith. Trust. Love. Guidance. Humility. Sacrifice. Courage. Repeated by a lot of people. The other thing that stood out was this sign. A poster of a map and lovely hand writing that says Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust is Without Boarders. As I had ALOT OF EMOTIONAL THINGS GOING ON AT THAT TIME. My heart was on fire ready to be sent out. Holding fast to the love and blessings I had here at home I had already set my life in Gods hands NOT KNOWING that that year was about to be a valley like no other. Fast forward 2 1/2 years later my mama comes walking in my room and gives it to me again and reminds me. Every single morning I see it before my feet hit the ground. This morning it was different. Those words jumped out at me. Those word ls that has been spoken over me the words that where repeated over and over in that book. Faith. Trust. Love. Guidance. Humility. Sacrifice. Courage.

Spirit Lead me Where My Trust Is Without Boarders. Faith without boarders is the act of pulling out ALL stops that limits our trust in Jesus. Gods purpose on this earth is far beyond what we could EVER imagine. His way is FAR BEYOND what we could ever do alone. As I stood there this morning and read this out loud it hit me. That faith without boarders that seems crazy to the outside. That courage to step into the great unknown and there we shall meet Jesus. The faith God has given me and you is dangerous to the enemy. We just have to fully act on it. When it starts to get weak we call on his name. When we are in that rip current we keep our eyes above that wave that will send us back to the shore that leads us back to God. We make our soul rest in His embrace. For we are His not our own. Like a float in the water that’s how we should be for Christ. When he pulls us in a direction the path is already there already planned. When we are taken deep. He is already there. When he pulls us up to the mountain tops He is there. If we open our arms wide our minds will be blown and the kingdom will be blessed!!!!