Have you ever thought about how ads get us?

Have you ever thought about how ads get us?

They offer something they think we want. They offer an experience.
And we all get sold on it.

We tend to do this also. We try to sell an experience by how we convince our friends and family
to join us in something we value (whether an experience, a vacation, a product, etc.). We all want
to feel like our decisions have some sort of value and that our experiences have some sort of

I recognized this on my recent 4-day excursion at PDXLAN (a charity LAN party) where a
group of us, a thousand people in total, played games together while raising money for a charity.
This was the first experience of being in a large group in a while for most of us and tension
tended to arise. We all were sold on an experience that didn’t necessarily pan out the way we
were hoping. The experience wasn’t being everything we longed it to be.

So, we had to regroup and take a moment and remember why we were here. We were here for
other people. I, along with my fellow Jesus-loving friends, were challenged to see things
differently. We recognized that video games aren’t just for our personal enjoyment, but a means
to engage others, looking for opportunities to offer a greater hope.

For example, I got to have the opportunity to begin gospel conversations with another attendee.
We began a discussion regarding human nature and sin. While in our conversation, I won a rare
GPU (a graphics processing unit—a device that makes video game play better) that was worth
$1000+. I decided to give it to my new friend who needed a new one anyway. This opened up
conversation even further, leading to him following my channel which means more opportunities
to share the gospel.

While the experience we were sold on didn’t pan out as we hoped, The Holy Spirit provided an
even better one where growth was offered, and the gospel could be presented. That is the kind of
elevated experience I hope for anyway.


Corey Miller

P.S. Thank you to all of you who partner with me. Without your help, these kinds of
opportunities wouldn’t be available to me. If you’re not a partner yet, please prayerfully consider
becoming one! This is a new venture and I need people in my corner.