I Will Wait

Over the last couple of months, God has been teaching me this idea that I’ve seen throughout the Psalms. Wait.

Wait in silence.

Wait on the Lord.

I have seen it everywhere, and He has been asking us to wait in several ways. First we waited for 4 weeks on my permit. Then we waited another week for paperwork needed to finish that process. We waited until we were given funds to purchase needed items for our upcoming daughter. We waited in silence to hear from God. And we are still waiting.

Sometimes it’s hard to trust God while you’re waiting, but trust in Him is not unfounded. And tied in with this idea of waiting and trusting in Him in the Psalms is the word shame. It may seem like an odd pairing, trusting God and shame, but it’s repeated over and over. And while shame has a negative connotation, this is used for good. 

Often the psalmist cries, “Let me not be put to shame.” But as you delve further, it changes to “I will not be put to shame.” God promises, and if we walk in those promises, He will never put us to shame. He is faithful, trustworthy, and will work towards those promises.

Garrett and I have seen this in just this past week. A large portion of our time in Romania has been asking God to fulfil His promise that He made when He brought us here. We heard His call and we obeyed, but my permit was becoming an issue. I’ve written about some of those struggles before, but this last week was especially devastating. 

After all of my needed paperwork was submitted and I was all but approved, one week before I was supposed to pick up my permit I received a call. We had an issue with my rental contract. In order to stay in the country, I needed to prove I was here legally, and there were a few people that I needed written permission from to stay at their home that we were renting. 

Throughout the week we were problem-solving and waiting, trusting God. But as time went on, the issue became worse. Through stubbornness and deadlines we reached the point where I was facing being asked to leave the country. And at 36 weeks pregnant, that was a physical impossibility. Sadly, Garrett and I let our fear overtake us. Instead of trusting and waiting for the promised triumph, we panicked. 

But God did not abandon us. After a night of little sleep and prayers from us and people around the world, God moved. Immigration was kind, gave us another chance to find what we needed. Our renters’ hearts were softened, and they helped us. We prayed and reminded God of His promise, and He moved.

We were not put to shame. God provided.

If you are waiting on God, on a fulfilment of a promise or a reassurance of His calling, remind Him. Ask Him to teach you, to show you His ways and if there are changes that need to be made. God is faithful, and sometimes we just need to wait and prove our faithfulness in our own hearts to be true.