Living among the clouds

Marcsi and I have moved to a rented apartment in the hills above the city of Budapest.

As we look out the back window of our kitchen on a cloudy day, we see the clouds rolling by as though it were a scene straight out of the old cartoon The Jetsons. You may recall this old show that was set in the “near” future.

You may be thinking, “Why is he writing about an old cartoon on a missionary site?”

Just follow along and you’ll find out!

When I first moved here to Hungary nearly 4 years ago, I remember specific times that I would look up into the Buda hills and see the fog and clouds rolling over the hills as though it were a scene from the film the 13th Warrior. (A movie about a Spanish ambassador being stuck with a load of Vikings while fighting a mysterious evil that comes from the mountains in the form of a mist.)

Anyways, back to Budapest. When I watched the clouds roll along the hills, I always enjoyed seeing just how God created this thing, a mist, a cloud, a fog. This form of water that moves through the air rather than upon the ground. You’ve got the picture in your mind now, how can you not?

Why I have engrained this picture into your mind is that when you are looking up at these rolling clouds, they seem so far away and you can enjoy them from afar. But when we moved to this apartment, we moved up into these hills I would look at in awe. The whole world changed as now we are looking down upon the city from inside the rolling clouds I had previously marveled at!

The takeaway is that when God blesses us in life with a chance to move to a different area, whether that be physically or spiritually, we are blessed with the chance to change our perspective. 
We need to trust God when he gives us the chance to change, and this is not always easy to do, but always worth it!
Sometimes this puts us in a position to look at the exact reverse view that we previously had. 
God can and does bring us to the places where we have previously only dreamt of going.

When I say the reverse view it means more to us now as we literally can see our old apartment building from our front balcony. Down our street, across the Danube, and through the park, you can see our old home.

God moves us, and at times lets us reminisce on our past to show us how far we have come.