Still a workplace missionary!

Marcsi and I recently returned from a trip to the United States. We were able to spend some much-needed time with family after three years of near-complete separation.

It was a refreshing time, to say the least. Spending the Christmas holiday in the old traditional manner that I grew up with was something that I did not know that I needed. Not because I missed the chaos that was our Christmases. Although, that has a feeling of specialness all its own. But the fact that sitting down with family and sharing time without any structure brings a sense to the heart that cannot be found anywhere else.

On this short 11-day trip, we packed in so many things that it felt like we were about to burst from all the joy and food that we consumed! We were able to see almost every family member. (including 4 of the 5 new children born in the last 3 years) Meet new friends, play worship at two different church services, and tell stories from the past three years of life.

Perhaps the most rewarding element of this trip was not catching up with family as I had imagined it would be. But it was the moments that I shared a few stories about the past. I was the traveling missionary who would encourage others of the importance that being a workplace missionary brings as part of the Kingdom. Over the last few years, I have had some incredible opportunities to lead people to Christ and encourage other believers in my workplace. I went from telling of its importance to living out these steps.
But the fact that I am still a workplace missionary had slipped through my mind in the last year due to being absent from the standard office environment. This trip reminded me (through my own storytelling) that I am still a workplace missionary. God still has a lot of opportunities for us to minister and encourage in the workplace.

This mission is never complete! Through Christ and your support, God will use us to show the light and love of Christ in an ever-darkening world.