The First of Many (hopefully)

Hello everyone. I’ve never done a blog on here so let me introduce myself.

My name is Carina Frasier and I am 22 years old. I have been working in Spain for the last 3 years as a missionary with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). This past March I went to Romania to help Ukrainian refugees with AJM and a local church. I was supposed to be there for 2 weeks….. God had other plans.  I completely fell in love with the local people and my refugee kiddos. After being there for almost 2 months I started to feel this tug on my heart to move to Romania! I was shocked, I knew that God had called me to work with refugees, he gave me a dream about that when I was 13 years old. I was working to save and protect kids that were escaping a war. So working with refugees made sense, but Romania.. that didn’t make any sense, it was so unexpected (for me..). As the conversations about me moving began, I was asking God why Romania and he showed me that back when I was about 11 years old I had met a missionary couple from Romania and I was absolutely obsessed with them and everything they were doing. God was showing me how Romania has been in his plan for a long time.

The pastor of the church we work with in Romania once said “Let me tell you how God is writing this story”. I can honestly say watching God write this story continues to amaze me.