This isn’t what I thought I’d be doing

Oftentimes I find myself pretending I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I have served in many different ways for A Jesus Mission, especially in 2020. I joined Final Greetings as an intern. The only sort of prior “tour” experience before my internship was knowing how to wrap cables. But, as I continued to serve and tour, with the help of other band members, I ended up learning a lot more than just cable management.

Recently, I built a deck for the Westfalls with Jace Vance and Kyle Tanuma. I have a basic understanding of carpentry from working construction part-time, but never in my life had I built something that massive. Yet again, as I’ve continued to serve, I have learned a lot and we ended up building that deck pretty darn good.

As I am writing this I am exporting a video to later upload to the A Jesus Mission YouTube channel. I not only edited that video but also helped shoot the video. I honestly have very little knowledge about cameras but now, but with Andy Ziesemer’s help, I am exporting a 14-minute video that I am proud of.

All that to say, in each situation I was able to learn and grow. I just needed some help from other people that knew what they were doing to apply that new skill. I find this to be true in my spiritual life. God gives us help so that we don’t have to figure out how to glorify Him alone. He not only gave us His Word as a resource but He also gave us other strong brothers and sisters in Christ!

In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul says to the church of Corinth, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” Paul was there to help the church of Corinth and teach them how to glorify God. I have found many people to be like a Paul to me. I imitate Andy Ziesemer as he imitates Christ. I imitate Kyle Tanuma as he imitates Christ. I imitate Pierce Westfall as he imitates Christ. Who do you imitate? Who is helping you grow spiritually? Who is teaching you how to glorify God?