Trust Your God

Garrett and I came to the decision to move to Romania while being nearly 6,000 miles apart. It was extremely difficult, but we were excited about the prospect. When he came home, we began working towards that goal. We listed some of our belongings online, started working on a multi-family yard sale, and began fundraising. We also spent time earnestly with Garrett’s family that lived in Utah.

The 4th of July was coming up and we had planned a trip to visit my parents about three months before. After we decided to move, we let my siblings know that we would be there. And thankfully, all but one of us were able to celebrate the holiday together. I was looking forward to that time, for the final chance in a while to see both my brothers and their wives, and our nephews. God had worked it all out. And thankfully, God had worked out another surprise.

Just four days before we left to visit my family, we got confirmation that we wouldn’t be traveling to Romania alone. A little one was joining us along the way. It was both exciting and scary, the prospect of having a baby overseas without family or close friends.

But I began to see God’s timing in it all. We would be traveling at the end of my first trimester, so any sickness I had would be on the way out and my energy would be coming back. There are state hospitals in Romania that make it possible to give birth for free. And finally, we found out just in time to tell my family in person. 

Throughout the following months there have definitely been moments where I have been nervous or afraid, but every time I remind myself of what God did, that His timing is perfect, that I should trust His goodness. We were able to celebrate with both families, including aunts and cousins and nephews and nieces and grandmas. God knew what it would mean to tell our families face-to-face about our soon-to-be bundle of joy, and He made it happen. 

So how can I not trust God?