What does it look like to actually follow Jesus?

How many of Jesus’ teachings tell us to stay in our comfort zone? To live for ourselves, our desires?

Jesus’ commandment is for us to GO INTO the world. To put to death our desires. To deny ourselves.

I think we as Christians tend to live safely. We get in our Christian communities, with our Christian friends, and engage in our Christain activities, and we stay there. We create our idea of heaven on earth, completely ignoring the work that God still has for us & is calling us to do. He has seen us & chosen us to GO OUT INTO THE WORLD. To love our neighbors. But what does that actually look like?

Luke 4:18-19

Who near you is poor in spirit that you can proclaim good news to?

Who near you is held captive that you can proclaim liberty to?

Who near you is blind that you can recover sight to?

Who near you is oppressed that you can liberate? 

He didn’t save us to keep things the same, to avoid, ignore, or condemn the world. He literally sent us into the world for us to love it & make followers of Jesus. To proclaim liberty to the captives and recover sight to the blind.

Luke 4: 34 & 41

Even demons know who Jesus is—is there a difference between you & them?

Go into all the world

Go love the lost

Go understand the lost

Go have compassion on the lost

Go tell the lost about Jesus

Go make genuine & fiery disciples of Jesus