Why Video Games?

There are two kinds of people. Those who love video games and those who don’t. I have found this to be true with everyone I talk to.

However, the statistics say”

  • “There are more than 2.5 billion video gamers around the world
  • The average gamer is 34 years old
  • 70% of gamers are age 18 or older
  • 60% of Americans play video games daily
  • 45% of US gamers are women
  • 70% of parents believe video games have a positive influence on their children’s lives (https://techjury.net/blog/video-game-demographics/)

Suffice it to say, video games are a huge part of the lived experience of a majority of people in the world. Because of this, I have learned that it’s a great common space to foster friendship and earning the gift of speaking life to others. 

I have found this to be absolutely evident in my friendship with Charlie. My job at the moment is to hang out with my friend who needs an adult to help him throughout the day. He is part of the general 41 percent of kids on the spectrum that enjoys video games.*  Through playing together, our friendship deepens and I get the privilege of helping him grow into his best self as we work to accomplish tasks through virtual media. My friend has a hard time developing deep friendships because of the disability that he was born with. While I can’t say this is because of video games, I can say that it is the tool that allowed us to connect that we both find joy in. 

So, my challenge to you my friends is to find what interests you and use it to build relationships with others and cultivate an environment where the gospel can be heard. I have had many opportunities to talk about the good news of Jesus with my friend Charlie because of the friendship that we have developed. So now, I want to bring this same model to the internet and earn the opportunity to cultivate relationships with the online gaming community, speaking life, gospel conversations, and hope with a community desperate for deep connections.