Healthcare coverage problems

We would like to ask for prayers for some urgent miracles to happen.

Since I am in the process of renewing my visa here in Hungary, I have been given a temporary permit that allows me to continue working. However, I found out recently that my healthcare coverage expired alongside my visa.

I have gone into multiple offices to renew the coverage as the payments are still being made. After a few visits, I was finally told by an official in the government, that they cannot issue a new healthcare card in connection with a temporary visa. (The employee that told me this was sorry as she knows this is not right.) This leaves me uncovered for any visits to the doctor, possibly for the next few months.

Marcsi and I had dinner last night with our doctor (a close friend of Marcsi’s) and we explained the issue as she was helpful initially when I was unsure why my coverage was suddenly given the “brown spot”.

She said that it could take up to 6 months to be issued a new card once the application is submitted. So, this could leave me without coverage for the remainder of this year. This will ultimately leave me with extra costs to pay out of pocket. Hopefully, the government will be able to reimburse the cost of this once I do have the card. But in my experience, they are not likely going to play ball with that.

Please be in prayer as we know that God can move mountains, and this does seem like a mountain in our lives from where we stand. But we also know that this is simply a small anthill from God’s perspective.

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