Jesus works through Hobbies

Hello Friends!


I have been receiving some questions about exactly what we do for the ministry. It is very different, but it is beautiful. We’ve been using games as tools of discipleship and outreach. From Monday-Friday, Brohiem and I (and whoever else is around) read the Bible together and discuss what we read. Our reading and discussion are streamed online (We have been reading through The New Testament for Everyone by NT Wright, and I highly recommend it. It is scripture and devotional material.). While we play video games, people begin to watch our stream and then stick around for the reading portions and become interested and sometimes even ask questions. (Brohiem wants everyone to know that he currently enjoys playing the game “Grounded”).

While that is my day-to-day ministry that includes Brohiem, my big ministry night is every Friday. I have been going through a game with some people around the country along with some local friends. We gather for a common purpose, encouraging each other and playing together. Around 10:30pm each Friday night, we pause our game, read scripture together and take communion. I am encouraged by the community that is building and how the Holy Spirit is helping not just build an online community that engages in scripture and spiritual practices, but how it is helping build relationships and creating a connection point with people that live in my community. So many people (both young and old) love to connect online through gameplay, and the Holy Spirit is creating pathways for the gospel to be shared and accepted.

Question, what is the average age of an individual who plays video games. What age came to your mind? 9, 10 16…. The answer might surprise you. 34. The average age of individuals who plays video games is 34 and 70% of parents think that video games have a positive influence on their child. The times and expectations of what adults and children do with their free time have changed. More and more people are playing video games. So how do we bring discipleship and the Good News of Jesus to them?

Please pray that God will give me his words to speak when I open my mouth, so that I can make known, loud and clear, the secret truth of the gospel. Ephesians 6:19