The terrible “C” word in traveling

Yes, there is a terrible, mean word word in the world of traveling, the C word: CANCELED.

Please pray for us. Originally we were supposed to have flown from Cluj to Frankfurt, spend the night in Frankfurt, visit with dear friends arriving at the same time there, have a pleasant night of sleep, sleep in a bit and then make our way back to the airport to bpard our next flight LAX bound. 

But as we waiting in line to check in our bags, the dreaded C word began to flash on the screen. CANCELLED. So we waited and spoke to the agent and she got us in another flight…..for 6am  the next day, so they put us up in a hotel for the night. But today as we were almost out the door, I happened to check my phone and it was the moment another email arrived containing the C word again. 

So, here we are, 4am, searching the web, PRAYING HARD and searching again. 


PRAY FOR US as we desire to go to the States to have a blessed reunion with our children, two or which we haven’t seen in over three years and celebrate Christmas together! 

PRAY FOR US, please.