Easter Update

Happy Easter Partners in Christ!

In the last couple months, a lot has happened, and I am forever thankful for the path that Christ has put us on and where he has led me in partnering with the Greater work that the Holy Spirit is doing.

Three Weeks ago, I went to a conference for people who play video games. I participated in playing and met a lot of people and got to share what I do and the joy I have in it. During the event, a big graphics card company (the device that makes the games run and look pretty) joined my stream and brought ALL of their followers on my streaming channel. It was only for a few minutes, but I was able to share who I was and what I do. So, for about 800 viewers in one moment, I was able to share about the great work of Jesus.

This is how we become culture makers, my friends. We go to where the people are and leave ourselves open to the Holy Spirit.

I will be attending another gaming conference (a much smaller one) in June. Always pray for the ministry and the Holy Spirit to continue preparing my heart for what is next.

Your brother and dear friend,

Corey Miller