Hungary 2023


I thank those who have supported our ministry in Hungary throughout the last few years. It has been a journey that has brought about many trials that at the time seem too big to conquer and opportunities that at the time, seem to be small and trivial. However, as we view the past, the massive trials are revealed to be small and trivial, and the opportunities show themselves to have a massive impact.

I have seen that the small moments of encouragement and assistance are not going unnoticed in the world. Especially for those on the receiving end. 

Going into the year of 2023 Marcsi and myself would like to call on you, our supporters to pray for us to see the little opportunities to share the love of Christ with our community, our church, our workplaces, and in our daily interactions with those around us.

We recently moved to a new rural community where we have a big opportunity to impact our neighbors. We pray that God shows his light and love through us each time we speak with them and pass them walking in the forests.

Join us this year as we find the little moments that come up to be a blessing to others, no matter how small they may seem.