I’m amazed at what I’ve seen.

I can’t recall a moment where I’ve understood what the sovereignty of God means as clearly as I have through this Ukraine crisis.

The church has been prepared long in advance for this moment.

God has been preparing hearts and abilities for decades. And that is evident because the most unlikely to be qualified are exactly the ones He’s using to respond.

I wish I could tell you every story I’ve heard over the last week. I’ve been sitting with missionaries, volunteers, local Pastors, and ride-share drivers. The way Jesus is being glorified and made known in the midst of this tragedy is going to blow our minds for generations.

I’m on my way back to America today. I’m eager to see my family and return my focus to the summer ahead, but my perspectives have been shaped yet again by the selfless missionaries and volunteers I get to serve alongside.

We will indeed bring you some of these stories, but for the moment we’re focusing on meeting the most practical of needs in easternmost Ukraine, planning for this years outreach and mission trips, and caring for the many missionaries we know living throughout the word.

I’ll be traveling for about the next 40 hours, then getting some sleep so I can get back to the effort we have before us.

Thank you for being a part of A Jesus Mission.

~ Andy