New Name, New Logo, New Update.

Hello Dear Friends and Co-workers in the Gospel.

I have deep gratitude for your partnership with reaching out to an unreached people group. I would love to share some statistics from 2022 and how we are going forward. Last year we shook things up a bit with a new name and logo! After much praying, we decided to go forward with our online alias as “Choosing Eden”. With any change (especially a new name and logo),  it takes awhile for it to become the norm. Let’s be honest, most of us hate change and it does usually throw people off when one changes their name and logo. We get used to our comforts. Even through all this, we have been seeing an amazing positive trajectory. Whenever I look at these numbers, I am always humbled by how the Gospel continues to advance when I am not looking. Yet, just in being faithful with the area God has called us to,  how faithful the Holy Spirit has been to continue to work whenever we are not looking.


Youtube (2022) 4,200 views. 187 hours of people actively watching 29 new subscribers.

Twitch (2022) 2,700 new views 49, 750 hours of people actively watching 89 new followers.

Facebook Gaming (for the last 90 days): 451 New people reached. 9 New Engagements 114 Facebook Gaming Followers (Total)

The most amazing number to see is how many hours people have activity watched our content. This means that people are streaming active bible reading, talking about the good news of Jesus and active engagement in current life circumstances.

You, my friends, are all beautiful and I cherish your partnership and how you believe in engaging the online world. My little partner (I call him brohiem if you have been around me) wants to share: I like GPO on Roblox and knowledge and… (blank broheim stare)… 

Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Sincerely.

Corey Miller and the Brohiem.