Seeing beyond the monotony (missionary update)

Greetings dear partners and friends! 


So often, working on a screen and looking into a camera can feel as if everything I am doing is arbitrary and it can feel as if God is not actually doing anything through this. The mundane daily monotony of life can be like a white noise that just gets louder and louder with random spurts of music and clarity. 


The mundane “white-noise” isn’t bad, but sometimes it can be harder to see what the Holy Spirit may be doing when it isn’t some exciting event that is perfectly planned out (think of a “mountain-top experience” vs. daily realities). 


I’m recognizing that the Holy Spirit works through the daily, mundane, monotony. He is always calling people, and sometimes we don’t always get to immediately see what he is doing. But, as I was looking through my data, I realize that God is at work. Christ is calling—it may not look like I/we envisioned, but it is happening. 


Since I began this endeavor, 74,979 people have clicked on my Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and YouTube channels. 


Please be praying that

1. That God would help me clearly speak the gospel; 

2. That those who click on my channels would have hearts ready to hear; 

3. That I (and my family) would find those mundane moments full of the Holy Spirit and recognize what he is doing in this ministry. 


Thank you friends for seeing this as a viable outlet for ministry and this is just the grass roots. As we are faithful, more eyes will see and more ears will hear the gospel.


Pray that more people join me for the harvest.


Thank you,


Corey Miller