Transition Period

We are in transition mode right now! We will now be missionaries in Punta de Palma, Izabal, Guatemala with Mision El Faro! This will be way different than ministry in the city. Just a few of the changes will be: the weather (much, muuuuuch hotter and humid), the language, (many people in this region only speak Q’eqchi’), and the location (7 hours outside the city), just to name a few. This is a big change for us. It will be Mercedes’ first time living outside of the city, far from her family. So she is definitely feeling this transition big time. 

But, we are so excited for what God has in store! We know that this opportunity came about from Him and we have peace moving forward into this new season of life. We trust that God knows exactly what He is doing in sending us this far away to serve with different people, many of whom we are just starting to get to know. We will be serving alongside other missionaries that form part of El Faro, so we are expecting God to move in these new relationships. 

We ask for your prayers and support as we endeavor on this new adventure that the Lord has us on in Izabal! We will keep you all posted as we move forward!