God’s sheep need tending.

Most of the world is aware of the dire need at this current time. 

Droughts, famine, record heat waves, and food shortages are starting to reveal themselves to the world after 2-years of restrictions and wars. These come for us after so many people have lost their jobs, and at the very least, they may have lost access to some of their extra income that has lifted the sting of rising costs.

Recently we have prayed about ways to help those who are now in need. Not only for the lost and in need but also for those who are found. They may still be struggling to make ends meet.

I grew up in a family of 8 with a single main income and as you can imagine, this was not an easy way to grow up. I did not realize it at the time as I was only a child, and my parents did a wonderful job ensuring that we were not burdened with this fact. However, we grew up with the ends not always meeting. I can recall multiple times going to our local food bank, and “shopping” at these stores that would have seemingly random foods. It is only in my later years that I have come to realize and appreciate every moment that someone provided for us or somewhere that gave our family the chance to relieve the sting of a hard month.

God has led us to seek out those in our church community and friends to be shown those who may need some assistance. The giving can come in a few different forms, providing a large bag or two or four of groceries dropped to their doorstep or just a simple gift of cash.

Our most recent was to a family whom we have known a while, and we were able to go shopping to provide at least six large bags full of essentials and groceries right to their doorstep. The smiles I saw and the ones I didn’t see when they found the treats that were included, were priceless!

God often does not provide us as the giver more details than we need to be able to step out in faith to provide. Only after the giving is complete are we blessed with a tearful and joyful message or embrace. Sometimes we are given background details that bring clarity to why the gift was needed.

God uses these moments to show us a few things. While we may feel we know our friends, we may only be given a glimpse into the pain and struggles they carry when we step out and follow God’s direction.

Should you feel this is a way to provide for God’s sheep in these troubling times, please consider asking God if this is something you should do. Should you have the means to, please consider giving toward Marcsi and myself to continue to provide to those who God shows are most in need. When God guides, God provides!

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