Nathan Hammond

Nathan serves with AJM on the crisis response team currently aiding Ukraine refugees

Nathan Hammond

Crisis Response Team

Nathan Hammond has been working to help Ukrainians from the first day of the war when he spent 3 days helping to get his daughter safely out of Ukraine and back to her home in the US (many people played a role in that). His connection to Ukraine is personal as he has adopted 3 children from Ukraine.

He has driven humanitarian supplies into eastern Ukraine and helped with refugees in Romania.

He has helped project manage a shipment of 22 pallets of food from Romania to the eastern part of Ukraine (where not many truck drivers want to go) by helping 3 organizations come alongside each other to pull it off and to help find warehouse space.

His entrepreneurial and pioneering gifting helped to network Ukrainian, Romanian, and American denominations, organizations and some well connected individuals together (representing over 15 different organizations) to try and help in eastern Ukraine (a more difficult to reach part of the country). Several of these organizations are looking to create long-term relationships with key leaders and churches to help in strategic ways that support local churches. Nathan helps facilitate a weekly meeting with these organizations so that they can cooperate on common goals and share wisdom.

Your gift or regular giving will help further direct, practical, and personal aid in highly strategic across multiple organizations. These are such devastating outward circumstances, however, it is amazing to see God over and over knit something wonderful and redeeming into these tragic times.

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