Missionaries to Kosovo

Adam & Emily Nelson

Adam & Emily are planning to live in Prishtina, Kosovo to partner with fellow AJM missionaries.

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Emily and I(Adam) were on very different paths leading up to each other and had a lot differences in our world views and way of life, and yet, somehow, the Lord showed me favor and allowed me to woo her. I was a public schooled druggy who cared about no one except myself. My time was spent trying to make myself be ok with who I was. Emily had an ever growing relationship with the Lord from a young age, but still greatly struggled with finding her identity in Christ. Despite many differences and difficulties, the power of the Holy Spirit was able to take two kids who struggled with who God made them to be and turned them into people striving to look more like Christ everyday. Jesus, then and continually, grabs ahold of our hearts and our differences fade in light of the gospel. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we are able to show each other the love of God and encourage each other on the straight and narrow. Now, we are hoping, with the Lord leading, to show people who are in need of the Gospel overseas that there is hope in Him who died and rose for us. Lord willing, we, with our 1 year old Cyphas (pronounced Ky-fis), will join the missionaries in Kosovo. There are so many who do not know the amazing deeds of Christ or why they are in need of a savior. Our prayer is to help spread the Gospel of Christ to this young country. Thank you for your prayers.

Annual Budget: $50,880
This budget is for housing in the area, food, local transportation, insurance, etc.
Living Expenses
This covers flights, lodging, and other unforeseen expenses during mission trips, gatherings, and international ministry.
Travel Budget
This helps provide ministry resources for local church projects and more.
Ministry Budget
This budget helps provide for outreach, short-term mission trips, and evangelism costs.
Other Costs
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