Adam & Emily Nelson

Adam, Emily and Cyphas are living in Prishtina, Kosovo

Adam & Emily Nelson

Missionaries to Kosovo

Hello there! We are the Nelson’s: Adam, Emily and our 2 year old son, Cyphas, (pronounced Ky-fis). We live in the small, Muslim-by-name country called Kosovo, and are living life on mission in the capital Prishtina. The process of choosing Kosovo is a story in itself, but, in summary, the question was posed: “Why not Kosovo?” Prishtina is filled to the brim with college students who are unique in the ways of searching for truth and their love for Americans. The verse “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few” (Matt. 9:37) describes Kosovo perfectly. With each small, tedious step to get to Kosovo, God confirmed that He was guiding us. Living in Kosovo has been exciting, wonderful, and extremely difficult! The difficulties have been one after the other, but overall, they are just confirmation that we have an enemy actively wanting to stop God’s work (but please pray for us!). We joined a team that has so quickly formed into a family and community that reminds us of the early church.

Our ministry is volunteering at Newborn Brew, a coffee shop that our team leaders opened for the purpose of giving Kosovars, particularly the students, a place to call their own. It’s a place to build community. One where our team’s focus is bringing the love of Jesus to a searching generation. It’s been an incredible experience being surrounded by people who want us to tell them more about this man named Jesus – who loves them so much he wants to remove their sins as far as the east is from the west.

We don’t know how long we will be here but our heart is for the long-haul.

We do ask that the Body of Christ please cover us in prayers and, if able, offer financial support, as this is not a mission we can do apart from the Body of Christ!

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