Nicolas Anthony



Oakdale, California

Coming from a background of agnosticism for most of my youth, I never felt I would truly know God in any way. It was only when I started attending house churches that I began to gain an understanding, due to the support and love of those who follow the way and the wisdom provided through apologetics. Over the years I began to be sanctified through discipleship, the Word, and many prayers. Now, by the grace of God, I’m a missionary who continues to be discipled by the many brothers and sisters here at the AJM missions base.

That being said, I’m still trying to figure out what it means to live life missionally here under God. He has called me here to this base, that much is clear, but has yet to define the purpose of my stay beyond being a disciple and loving others through my service and actions. Meanwhile, I intend to serve the homeless, those within the church, and to use my gift of shepherding for the good of the kingdom of God. This is my ministry, that I play my role in equipping the found and finding the lost as long as God allows me.

Thankfully, I have already had many opportunities to do just as I have described. With the homeless, I have had the blessing to be able to talk to and pray over them as we continue to provide food and drinks to this community. As for the church, I have seen and experienced much growth in wisdom, knowledge, and other fruits of the spirit as each member contributes to the body with their spiritual gifts. It has been a blessing for the Lord to reveal my gift of shepherding in this way. What He intends to use this gift for in the future has yet to be revealed, but I’m excited to see where He takes me if I remain obedient.