Noah Frazier



Oakdale, California

“I was raised in church and gave my life to the Lord at a young age. Exploring the beauty of the body of Christ while also experiencing the human imperfections of the church brought me to a position of conflict. By seeking God and His perfection, He used the wounds caused by human imperfections to develop a passion for people’s stories. Sharing my story through film and creativity has created a lens through which I see God’s story unfolding in the lives of others. Experiencing the contrast between God’s love and human mistakes has created an opportunity for me to walk in the steps of Jesus, share in his sufferings, and be filled up by his love in order to listen well and help tell the stories of others.

As a filmmaker, my ministry is to search out stories of hurt, healing, and God’s redemption. Through the medium of film, we can be better connected to one another’s stories. Capturing and bringing home those stories for others to see is a powerful tool to share what God is doing around the world, and I am excited to learn and share with the global church community what the team is experiencing and witnessing.

I worked in Ukraine with AJM to help support the local church as a driver delivering supplies and as a journalist/filmmaker. My focus was to help capture the story of what AJM is doing in Ukraine, and bring it back to share it with the community at home. I have spent time as a Filmmaker and Missionary in Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Africa, but this will be my first time in Eastern Europe.”

Noah now serves in Oakdale alongside the AJM team there.