Cody & Karissa Nunes

Missionaries to Scotland


Cruden Bay, Scotland

We are the Nunes Family. Cody, Karissa, Theo, and Mateas. We are Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe graduates in their Missions Training Program. We have been married and serving in ministry for 10 years. Karissa grew up in Colorado and I grew up in California. We both come from Christian homes and have wonderful parents who have continued to point us to Jesus all throughout our lives. We have had the amazing opportunity to serve Jesus in Scotland for the last three years in various ways. We have been partnering with the local Baptist church in worship and teaching and serving the local high school as chaplains. Our hope is to be able to start a church in a town called Cruden Bay which currently has no church in the town center. We are starting a prayer and worship evening, a pop-up coffee shop, and a Sunday evening bible study. Our prior ministry and missions experience has been broad. We have served as missionaries to Slovenia, as youth pastors in New Jersey, and as Co-Pastors in Colorado. During these different seasons, we have been learning and growing, in the hopes of implementing our lessons into practical ministry. We are now at a place where we have been and will continue applying what we have previously learned and will continue learning as we follow the Lord in this venture of faith. 

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