We Have A Vision With Eternal Impact for Modesto, California​

Unite The Mission is looking to start a community center with Kingdom Coffee in Modesto, we need 100 founders to make this dream a reality.

Open The Center
Impact Modesto
Change The World​

Who The Community Center Will Impact?

Through our Unite The Mission community center and Kingdom Coffee shop, we will create a safe place for anyone who walks in our doors.


Relationships with everyday people will be cultivated over a cup of coffee. Our vision is to create a safe, welcoming space for the people of the Central Valley.


With the facilities this building provides, we will hold outreach concerts, clothing and food pantries, and utilize our coffee truck for evangelism and community outreach. The space will be operated by local missionaries with a heart for evangelism.


Mental health is worsening in our city, and we need something that brings us together. This space will be used to provide counseling services and our conference space available for events that help develop community relationships.

Become A Founder

Join the exclusive Founders Club and be one of 100 people to change Modesto forever. With your monthly gift of $100 or more, you will receive a Founders Club card redeemable for one free coffee from Kingdom Coffee each day.


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