Paul Witherspoon

Paul serves at the AJM HQ in Oakdale, California as a Base Director and helps with the area home churches

Paul Witherspoon


I started to help out with the Gospel Trade school in AJM without being officially a part of the organization.  Through this, God showed me my heart for evangelism and desire to be in an authentic community with other followers of Jesus.  That led me to moving on to a property in what is now known as the Langworth Missions Base!  

For all of 2020 I was reaching the homeless community, teaching the Word in bible studies, helping out with a youth group, learning how to lead a home church, and many other things.  I did not expect to be at a spot where I could be doing any of those things but God threw me in the rushing river of His will, so I had to swim!

Since joining AJM my primary role is now Base Director at the Langworth Missions Base! I also lead a home church and am heavily involved with Kingdom Coffee but most of what I do, no matter how I am serving, revolves around discipleship and there is so much of it!  Being the iron that sharpens iron is such a rewarding experience as you get to see good fruit be cultivated in your brothers and sisters lives.  I am so stoked that I get to be a part of this awesome piece of God’s kingdom!

If you feel led to support me either prayerfully or financially, please don’t hesitate!  I could not be here without the help of the all of the support I have gotten throughout the years!

Fundraising Goal: 2130/mo.


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