Aaron & Christine Reiher

Aaron & Christine serve as Missionaries and Pastors in Eureka, California

Aaron & Christine Reiher

Home Church Leaders

“Jesus is everything to me. He forgave my sin and gave me the ability to be in relationship with God. He gives me hope through the joys and struggles of life – a hope for this life and for the heavenly reality to come. My desire is to follow him and live for him every day.
My wife, Christine, and I lead a house church in Eureka, CA. When we gather, we focus our attention on Jesus and seek to deepen our relationships with him and each other. We do what the early church did – share meals together, study scripture together, celebrate who God is and what He has done(and is doing in our lives), talk with God and listen to him together, and seek to meet each other’s practical needs.
I became a missionary and servant of Christ when I gave my life to Jesus at 7 years old. Since then, I have been learning how to join Christ on his mission to love and serve people, and to be a witness of the hope and abundant life that Jesus freely gives. Some exciting moments on this journey have included playing games and sharing bible stories with kids in Ecuador, doing youth ministry in Eureka, striking up conversations about Jesus with people around town, helping coworkers understand more about Jesus and the Bible, and going door-to-door inviting people to neighborhood BBQ’s.”

“Jesus has been wooing me into a dynamic relationship with our God all of my life. I am grateful that our God does not give up on us, is faithful, challenging and creative. Each day I’m challenged to get out of bed and not only ask Jesus what the plan for the day is, but also be obedient to the plan and be thankful in every part of it. Many are the challenges in the struggle against darkness in this world. Jesus’ light and presence in my life reveals what is bad and brings transformative power and restoration in not only my life but in the lives of others. Awesome!
My ministry is loving God and others well. My experience thus far has shown me that with or without me, God’s plan and transformative work is moving in power throughout the world. I believe everyone has something to bring to the table and many more people than I ever would have guessed have a deep relationship with God that I can learn from.Our God is moving and working in people’s lives and my missionary experience occurs daily when I say yes to God’s plan with my family, friends, neighbors, community and world.”


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