Sam Osuna

Sam serves in Cluj-Napoca alongside fellow AJM missionaries assisting in aid and supply runs to the Ukrainian people

Sam Osuna

Missionary to Romania

My name is Sam Osuna. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee knowing the Lord and seeing His hand on my life, but also I begin to believe the lies of this world. As I was in college, I began to seek the Lord deeply, leading me to drop out of college and follow His leading to Asia and Central America for 9 months as a missionary with Adventures in Missions.   I had every intent on going back to college, but the Lord called me to go to a discipleship school and then to lead a couple trips where I only grew closer to the Lord.  I quickly realized, I am a weak man and God provides all my strength. Leading me to walk in obedience into things I felt so unqualified for, trusting in Him. This year, as I was in Kyrgyzstan, I was praying on how to help Ukrainians, but my schedule was booked with hopes of moving to Jordan, Pakistan, and Albania. The Lord closed those doors for me and provided a way the next day to come to Romania and help serve Ukrainian people.

Fundraising Goal: $1,200/mo.


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