Sarah Barker

Missioary to The Basque Country


Basque Country Region, Spain

Sarah is a missionary to the Basque Country region of Northern Spain. After having the opportunity in high school to spend time with students from the Basque Country as her home church hosted them over the summers, the Lord gave her a heart for them and a burden for them to know Jesus.

The Basque Country is 0.67% evangelical and there is a great need for the gospel. They are historically difficult to reach, and one of the biggest challenges for Sarah and her team will be learning Euskara, the Basque language, which is one of the world’s top five hardest languages to learn.

Sarah will be living in the city of Bergara, working to spread the gospel through building relationships with the Basque people. She will be living with and working alongside the Faker family, and will have a role in helping with their three kids when needed, leading worship, building relationships and more. Please pray for continued relationship building with the Basque People, for God to move in their hearts to be open to the gospel, and for endurance for Sarah and her team as they learn the language, adapt to the culture, and continue raising financial support.


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