Jordan & Jenny Silva

Jordan and Jenny serve in and founded Newborn Brew, a cafe in Prishtina, Kosovo

Jordan & Jenny Silva


Jordan and Jenny are serving as missionaries to Kosovo with their sons Nyle (4), and Cassian (1).
God first drew us into international missions in 2012, and we have served short and mid-term in Asia and the Balkans, moving to Kosovo in 2019. Our heart is to see the young people of Kosovo come to know the hope and transformation that is found in Jesus. 

Why Kosovo? Kosovo is Muslim country in the Balkans, formerly part of Yugoslavia. In 1999, the U.S. intervened to stop violence and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Because of this, American people have unique access and favor in Kosovo. There are very few Jesus-following Christians in Kosovo (less than 1% among the majority people group), and it is hard to make the step to profess Christ. Christianity is also associated with Serbian Orthodoxy, and painful memories of ethnic cleansing. Despite these challenges, it seems clear that “the fields are white for harvest”. (John 4:35) There is remarkable openness to hearing and learning about the gospel. 

Why Students? Kosovo is a young country: Half of its population of two million is under 25. Opportunities are limited, and students are curious and motivated to better themselves and learn about the outside world. What does that mean for us? Students are eager to sit down for coffee with us, and hear the whole gospel. 

In 2021, we opened a coffee shop/community center in the heart of Prishtinë, Kosovo. Every step was so clearly provided for by God’s lavish grace, and the partnership and prayers of the family of God. Through this welcoming space, the Kosovar staff and American volunteers of our team engage in meaningful relationships and conversations about the gospel. 

Our goal is to provide connection to the gospel through three primary paths:
1. Intentional everyday interactions. Staff are equipped and enabled to look for ways to connect with students in gospel-centered conversations.
2. Structured events: Educational outreaches (teaching camera skills, music, or art), music nights, discussion nights, and bible studies, discussion nights, music nights.
3. Establishing a reputation as a genuine, accessible place that students can go if they have questions about Jesus, or would like to learn more about the gospel.”

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