Chad & Sarah Smiley



Prishtina, Kosovo

After difficult beginnings and years of seeking somewhere to plant our feet, a good and merciful God met us where we were. In our search for truth and meaning in life, we had wandered far from the narrow path. I was an agnostic and Sarah an atheist. We were seeking spirituality through drugs, nature, music, adventure, and New Age practices. Though we were living what should have been the life of our dreams, deep down we were still broken, lost, and sinners in need of a Savior. A gifted Bible sat on the shelf of our tiny studio apartment for months and on a whim one day Sarah skeptically read the words of the scriptures and through the conviction and witness of the Holy Spirit came to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. She shared this new found good news with me, and after a time of wrestling with all my questions and doubts I too gave my life to Jesus as Lord and Savior. In the years that have followed God has been healing, growing, and molding us. We’ve learned so much about our faith, becoming servants, and trusting in God in all circumstances. Our family has grown to include our eldest son, Avo, middle son, Samuel, and our daughter Opal. We have reached a point where we feel like it is time to take what we have been so graciously given and share it in a new way. After praying and waiting for the Lord to open a door to use our lives further for His kingdom, we heard about the need for the gospel to be shared to the people in Kosovo. We will be joining fellow AJM missionaries in the capital city of Prishtina to reach the student population there. Our hearts are to provide answers for those who have questions about the Bible and Jesus, to share in the journey of discipleship, to build fellowship, and to do the next thing there is need for.