Bledi & Edlira Spaho

Bledi and Edlira serve in Prishtina, Kosovo with fellow AJM missionaries at the Newborn Brew coffee shop and in worship ministry

Bledi & Edlira Spaho


Bledi was born in March 1987 and grew up in a small town in Albania in a simple family of 5 members with a Muslim tradition. He dreamed of becoming a football player, but every night before going to sleep the wooden bed was the drum where he tried different rhythms with songs he sang in his mind. He was drawn to a local church to hear the gospel through a football camp, that a friend from High School invited him. Bledi became a disciple of Christ at the age of 14 and started serving God in the worship team. He is a hip-hop music artist, worship director, instrumentalist and creator of worship songs.

While Edlira was born in December 1990, she grew up in a poor Albanian family also with a Muslim tradition, with 10 members . At the age of 9 she went to church and met the Lord and she found a kind of love she had never experienced before. Edlira has a gift and passion for media, journalism, singing worship, writing. She has a heart to take care of and counsel girls and young mothers.

God joined their paths in marriage in 2013, to embark on a journey full of challenges and so many blessings. God put a call on their hearts for worship and to care for the people that God placed in their lives. They discovered that missions and Kosovo were on their hearts from the beginning when they first met . In June 2017, God called them to serve in a church planting in Kosovo, Pristina, where they served for 4 years.

In May 2021, they joined the team of “Newborn Brew”, that will be a coffee shop and community center with the mission to reach students and young people for Christ.
With Newborn Brew, Bledi will be serving as a pastor and will care of the Christian staff while leading the community center. Edlira will be supporting him in this role by focusing on girls and women and will also be taking care of social media.

They are part of the team and serve with the worship ministry “Shtepia Records” where they help Albanian/Kosovar believers and local churches to create worship and contemporary christian music in Albanian.

They are ready to pour out their lives, gifts and talents as an offering of worship to God and reach Prishtina and Kosovo for Christ. For them the church starts in the family with their 16-month-old daughter Siara. Love is the foundation of everything for them, worshipping God is the lifestyle they want.

They are in great need of your prayers and support.

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