Todd Auch

Todd and his wife will be planting a home church in Missoula, MT.

Todd Auch

Home church planter.

I came to know the Love of Jesus through a middle school youth group. The youth pastor was the type of person who exuded love and authenticity. He always encouraged us to “dig into God’s Word” to know Him personally. After several years of attending his youth group, I took his advice. Over a couple weeks I read through the Gospels, and I came face to face with this man named Jesus. This man was so good and so loving. He died for me, to pay the price of my sins and my selfishness. It was such a lucid moment with God, seeing so clearly the contrast of my own sin against the backdrop of God’s love and goodness. And seeing, most of all, my need for His forgiveness. As a 14 year old boy, I prayed while laying on my bed: “Jesus I believe this. I need you. So, if you are real, you can have my life.” That simple moment with Jesus changed the trajectory of the rest of my life.

I graduated from Bible School and immediately joined the staff of a church in Missoula MT. My wife and I spent 8 years there, managing a coffee shop and building a college ministry and then a discipleship ministry. Over that time, the Lord kept bringing me back to the basics of discipleship. Our Love, our Witness, our Service is what shows the world a picture of Jesus. At the same time, it’s what grows us in our faith and relationship with Him. My heart then and now keeps growing this simple, huge picture of what the Bride of Jesus can do and look like if we would get back to the basics and focus on our relationship with the Lord and the responsibility He’s given each of us to make disciples.

The passion God has stirred in us now is to build up home churches (or micro churches) in Missoula. Simple communities of Jesus followers that are grounded in God’s Word, live deeply together, and serve those around us. We believe, by the power of God’s Spirit, we can do extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God in everyday life. We want to see these Gospel communities permeate every neighborhood with the love of Jesus and the message of His Gospel.

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