Ukraine Response

Join AJM and our partners as we supply refugee aid and care for missionaries in Eastern Europe.

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Ukrainian Refugee Aid

The most practical need we can meet from afar is financial. Refugees are currently flowing into the surrounding regions with little in their hands. We will take your financial support and get to work providing food, water, toiletries, and other basic necessities. AJM is sending team members to serve on the ground and partnering with local churches and contacts to supply those people in most urgent need.

Missionary Care

A Jesus Mission and our ministry partners have many missionaries that we collectively care for and support in and around Ukraine. AJM team members are on the ground to provide counseling, care, financial, and logistical support. Many of our friends and partners have evacuated to Hungary, Poland, or Romania. We have partnered with local churches and missionaries in those regions to begin what we expect to be an extended season of response.

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