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Of Kosovos 2,000,000 inhabitants, 96% of them claim Islam as their faith. Like the rest of the Balkan nations, it is a country that has had more than its fair share of war and poverty. It is also a country full of people hungry for the truth. We are primarily working among the student population in the capital city of Prishtina. 60,000 students from all over the country come to Prishtina to pursue a higher education as a way to provide for their families, or find an opportunity to leave Kosovo. Many of the students are searching for truth, and are extremely open to the Gospel. The uniqueness of Kosovo is in the reality that you can meet anyone on the street, invite them for coffee, and then freely share the gospelโ€” and they will listen! Not only will they listen, but some will even want to know more, be willing to take a Bible, and read it. Conversations with a stranger often center naturally around the doctrines of Islam and Christianity. We are pursuing the possibilities of a church plant through a coffee shop In Kosovo with the hopes of reaching more students with the love of Jesus. Coffee and Jesus go together so well in Kosovo.


1.8 Million


Islam, Catholic


Albanian, Serbian




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