We Want Christian Missionaries To Thrive

We provide missionaries the care, connection, and consistency they need.

What makes us different from other Christian missionary sending organizations:


Our leadership, admin teams, and full-time Pastoral staff work hard to make sure you are cared for while on the field. Biblically-based care helps to ensure you can stay on mission as long as God has called you to do so.


Any person left unconnected will begin to suffer. The Gospel is relational, and so should we be. As you go on mission we give you tools to stay connected with other missionaries, your donors, your home church, and us.


The small things are what will help you stay on the field longer. Like having your support arrive on the 1st of the month, or knowing your calls will be answered. Our staff works hard to give you the highest levels of consistency throughout your time on the field.

Why We Go

The commands of Jesus demand that we are not passive with the Gospel. So we take them literally and obey. We do this by living on mission using every skill and ability we’ve been given. We truly want to see all people living out the mission of Christ. So, we invite others to join us as we undertake the mission together. We started A Jesus Mission to help local churches send their people with the long-game in mind. However, as we have gone we’ve seen far too many of our friends leave the ministry because of things which could have been prevented. So if God calls you to go to the field; we want you to have fully engaged, mission-minded, co-workers around you so you can stay there.

The mission of Christ will never change, but the methods we use to be the church in the world change every day. AJM is committed to changing alongside those methods as we equip the found and find the lost. We want to see you go wherever God is calling you. Join us as we go into the world.

What A Jesus Mission Provides You

Banking & Payment Resources

We manage all of your credit card fees, banking fees, bookkeeping services, payroll, and financial handling costs. Our home churches and touring artists have access to Ministry banking.

Missionary Profile

Your profile is tailored to your specific ministry. Your dedicated page will feature your donation portal, blogs and missionary journals, and features to keep your supporters up to date. Plus, your supporters can visit your page at ajesusmission.org/YOURNAME.

Developing Support

Our focus is to help you develop strong partnerships with your sending churches and cultivate lasting relationships with your supporters.

Donor Management

We provide personalized donor management software. We take care of your tax receipts and donor management so you can focus on sharing the Gospel.

Gospel Trade School

You will have access to missionary preparation, leadership training, and pastoral ministry training and licensing.

Fundraising & Marketing

We will provide you with fundraising support staff, graphic designers, and marketing opportunities to help you raise the support you need.

Missionary Care

When you are serving on the mission field, our Care Team will oversee your well-being. You can receive family and marriage counseling from our in-house licensed staff, missionary crisis support, and pastoral care. Plus, you will be invited to our Missionary Care Gatherings where we unite together for a time of fellowship and restoration


We provide you with liability insurance that covers your ministry.

Additional Resources

We provide additional resources like ReEntry support and assistance, tools like Logos Faithlife, Dwell Bible app, and more!

Your Investment
A monthly 12% (or $50 minimum) of each incoming support goes towards covering the costs of the services we provide our Christian missionaries.

What Our Christian Missionaries Are Saying

“AJM is a total Godsend for me. I use AJM because of the well-crafted legal, financial support, and missionary care systems; the freedom to develop our own ‘band culture’ while serving, and the incredible people we are blessed to work with!”

"It is amazing as a missionary when you feel like you belong. Working with AJM helped me realize that I'm not alone in the field as a creative and has helped me launch a studio in Budapest Hungary where every musician we work with hears the Gospel."

“AJM gives the tools I need to make the financial part of missions so much easier. They care for missionaries like family.”

“I use AJM so I have people keeping me on track, with a long term vision for the Kingdom, organization, and someone who always has my back in the toughest of times.”

Join A Jesus Mission today.

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