Jeremy & Kara Young

Kara and Jeremy serve out of Vancouver, Washington with Kara on the A Jesus Mission Pastoral Team

Jeremy & Kara Young

Pastoral Team

Kara and Jeremy Young have served in ministry their entire relationship. Kara has known and followed Jesus since the age of 7 while Jeremy accepted Jesus at age 30.  When God brought them together in 2010 they knew that they were supposed to serve the Lord faithfully together and were married in 2011. Since that day both focused on their talents, which include teaching and discipleship. While Kara is an artist and has recently launched a writing career, Jeremy continues to help others and be the fix-it-all man that he is. They love to laugh together and will often find ways to choose joy no matter what circumstances may be going on in their lives.   Education has been important to Jeremy and Kara. Both graduated with honors; Jeremy with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership, Kara with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry with a focus on Bible and Theology. Through the years both have Pastored at churches together where Kara was a Pastor overseeing kids and family ministry spanning almost a decade. Jeremy currently serves as an Associate Pastor at Heritage. While they do serve together in many ways, Kara serves on the Pastoral team for AJM and is one of their editor’s.   Both of them love teaching, preaching and Kara loves writing. You will find them playing games and making fun memories raising their family. Coffee is an essential part of their daily life and you will find them meeting someone at a local coffee shop and teaching something new from the Bible. Kara and Jeremy love living for Jesus because they get to live out one impossible adventure to the next. They would love for you to join them!

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